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Progressive marketing education, go-to-market insights, lease-up best practices, and educational game plans for the multifamily industry.

Summer marketing mistakes header
Jun 10, 2023

3 multifamily marketing mistakes to avoid

Ensure a smooth summer marketing strategy by sidestepping common errors such as premature construction signage, securing your Google My Business Page, and fostering potential leads into successful renters.

How to activate header
Jun 3, 2023

Why brand awareness starts with on-site activation

Initiate brand awareness early in property development for long-term benefits. Tactics include early activation, onsite branding, providing information, clear calls to action, and establishing a digital presence.

May 13, 2023

Takeaways from Apartment Innovation and Marketing 2023

AIM Conference 2023 highlights; paid ads on streaming services, self-scheduling for prospects, meeting resident expectations, the importance customer data platforms, and the leverage of AI within Multifamily operations.

Top guest header
Apr 22, 2023

Top real estate industry insights from 2023

Discover key insights from industry leaders on Transforming Cities. Gain valuable perspectives on urban development, strategic planning, and fostering sustainable, vibrant communities.

Property marketing 2
Apr 15, 2023

Using data to improve property marketing

Learn strategies to enhance marketing effectiveness, optimize performance, and drive success in urban development projects.

Nurturing 3
Apr 1, 2023

The better way to nurture property leads

Highlighting the necessity of a company-wide commitment to transformation, emphasizing collaboration and shared goals for successful and sustainable urban development initiatives.

PM burnout
Mar 25, 2023

A Multifamily Problem: Property Manager Burnouts

New York City updated the iconic "I ❤️ NY" logo to "We ❤️ NY," symbolizing a resilient bond post-COVID-19. Meanwhile, property managers face burnout with diverse expectations, emphasizing the need for specialized teams to enhance property management and tenant satisfaction.

Field of dreams
Mar 11, 2023

More multifamily developers are putting marketing first

Developers recognize the pivotal role of branding and marketing in the success of real estate projects amid challenging market dynamics.

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