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Marketing leasing
Mar 2, 2024

Multifamily 2.0: Strategic Marketing and Professional Leasing

Effective marketing and a professional leasing approach are indispensable strategies for maximizing NOI and immediate ROI.

Localized marketing wide
Feb 24, 2024

Localizing Multifamily Marketing: A 2024 Perspective

In the realm of multifamily property marketing, the shift towards localization represents not just a trend but a strategic imperative.


Real Wins Podcast Tile 04
Feb 28, 2024

Marketing vs. Leasing Teams and Localized Marketing

The differences between a marketing team and a leasing team - and why one can't do it all. Plus, localized multifamily marketing today.

EP80 Howard Paster Mike Sturdivant
Feb 21, 2024

Evolving a WWII-era family real estate business

From coin machines, to retail, to mixed-use and multifamily, Howard and Mike are consistently evolving this third-generation real estate company based in the Twin Cities.

Real Wins Podcast Tile 03
Feb 14, 2024

Finding a Multifamily Creative Agency Fit

What should multifamily real estate developers and operators look for when vetting a creative agency partner?

EP79 Brent Camp
Feb 7, 2024

Marketing and leasing brilliance in multifamily

Brent Camp has worked in the industry for over 14 years across student housing, lease-ups, value-add and repositions, active adult, affordable, and build-to-rent housing.

Miller brand guide layout
Jan 27, 2024

Branding for Small Multifamily Projects

Embarking on a small multifamily development deal raises a pivotal question for developers and owners: Is investing in brand worth it?

More Insights

Personality leasing
Feb 17, 2024

Thinking Beyond Personality in Multifamily Leasing

For multifamily leasing, the formula for success transcends conventional wisdom that a bright personality is all it takes. Sales is critical. 

Lost sky brand 0002 1
Feb 10, 2024

Choosing an Agency Partner for Multifamily Marketing

A stakeholder's guide for facilitating and successfully onboarding an agency partner.

Early preleasing wide
Feb 3, 2024

How to Get Buy-In on Early Preleasing

Starting onsite activations and early leasing activities can impact lease-up results in tremendous ways. Here are a few ways to get buy-in.

Aronson signage
Jan 20, 2024

Specialized Multifamily Agencies vs. Property Management Companies

Considerations before signing on the dotted line with a multifamily-specific agency or a property management company offering marketing services.

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