Intentional conversations with real estate and multifamily leaders who provide unique stories, industry insights, pinpoint education, and more.

EP60 Cody Dietrich
Mar 29, 2023

Award-winning leadership in multifamily development

Cody Dietrich runs the development side of Hayes Dietrich after a successful career specializing in multi-family residential development.

EP59 Jessy Ledesma Anna Mackay LIVE
Mar 22, 2023

The process of developing missing middle housing

Anna Mackay and Jessy Ledesma discuss missing middle housing, the founders story, and a deeper dive into the process and product side of Shortstack Housing.

EP58 Andrew Katz LIVE
Mar 15, 2023

The benefits of building with mass timber

Andrew Katz of Katz Development discusses developing with mass timber, his upcoming 12-story project in Denver, Colorado, and more.

EP57 Andrew Katz
Feb 15, 2023

Fighting sprawl through urban infill development

Andrew Katz, Founder of Katz Development, has participated in the development of approximately $350M of multifamily, office, retail, and hospitality projects.

EP56 John Gonzalez
Feb 2, 2023

Social media marketing for commercial real estate

John Gonzalez is the VP of Marketing at ITEX. He has a passion for learning about AI, the content creator economy, and marketing strategy.

EP55 Michael Di Mella
Jan 18, 2023

Real estate leadership at a fast-growing company

This episode features Michael DiMella. He's the Managing Partner of CHARLESGATE, an integrated real estate services based out of Boston.

EP54 Mike Whaling
Dec 21, 2022

Marketing and proptech solutions for multifamily

Mike Whaling is the founder of 30 Lines and creator of the RentPress Apartment Marketing Platform. He was named a Tech Titan and Top Promoter of Technology for the multifamily industry.

EP53 Sara Scarborough Graham
Nov 16, 2022

Driving occupancy and rent growth through operations

Sara Graham is SVP of Marketing at Beacon Communities. Her areas of expertise include marketing strategy, brand management, and leasing technology.

EP52 Katie Kane SEO
Oct 5, 2022

Creating an exceptional tenant experience

Katie Kane is a self-proclaimed extreme brand loyalist. She advocates for creating customized experiences that are so memorable that they have to be shared.

EP51 Jacob Carter SEO
Sep 21, 2022

Automation and AI in multifamily

Jacob Carter is the founder of Nurture Boss, an automation platform for multifamily that brings AI and automation to prospect follow up and resident communication. 

EP50 Eric Cress
Sep 7, 2022

ESG investment in commercial real estate

Eric Cress, Principal at Urban Development + Partners, is drawn to innovative new ideas that make our communities better places to live.

EP49 Katie Mc Camant
Aug 24, 2022

Designing and developing cohousing projects

Katie McCamant started CoHousing Solutions as a development consulting firm to share best practices and systems for successful collaborative development.

EP48 Mike Wolber
Aug 10, 2022

Driving revenue and growth in multifamily

Mike Wolber is the founder and host of the Modern Multifamily Podcast, a board member of the Silicon Slopes Northern Utah Chapter, and a technology and multifamily enthusiast.

EP47 Bryant Hughes
Jul 27, 2022

Crafting a compelling brand experience

Bryant Hughes is the Co-Founder of Authentic Form & Function, a full-service brand and marketing studio specializing in real estate development and lease-ups.

EP46 Arun Paul
Jul 13, 2022

Placemaking for minorities and older adults

Arun Paul started his place-making career at The Irvine Company, where he helped create best-in-class residential communities throughout coastal California.

EP45 Michael Pink
Jun 28, 2022

Developing boutique urban infill projects

Michael Pink has been a lawyer, FO, COO, and more. He develops boutique multifamily urban infill projects ranging in size from 12 to 75 units.

EP44 Brian Murray
Feb 1, 2022

Using capital to support underserved communities

Brian Murray is a Peace Corps alumnus and seasoned entrepreneur who strives to be a catalyst for positive change.

EP43 Jamie Giellis
Jan 11, 2021

Best practices for fostering a strong community

Jamie Giellis, founder and principal of Centro, a consulting firm which works to support cities and neighborhoods through community-led renewal and reinvestment.

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