Intentional conversations with real estate and multifamily leaders who provide unique stories, industry insights, pinpoint education, and more.

EP17 Aaron Roseth Ann Fritz
Oct 7, 2019

Architecture and design with an ESG focus

Aaron Roseth & Ann Fritz are partners at ESG Architecture and Design in Minneapolis, which recently began the Minneapolis-based North Loop Green 3 project.

EP16 Andrew Howard
Sep 23, 2019

A new method of community outreach

Alongside his neighbors, Andrew Howard built the first two Better Blocks in Dallas and pioneered the idea of using pop up demonstrations as an urban planning method.

EP15 Harry Spetnagel
Sep 9, 2019

Award-winning wayfinding and design

Harry Spetnagel is an advocate of multidisciplinary design and strategic, human-centered process. He's primarily interested in innovative ideas that make every day better.

EP14 Bryant Palmer
Aug 26, 2019

Helping small businesses share their stories

Bryant Palmer is the founder and Chief Storyteller at Oh Hey Creative, a boutique marketing and communications firm that specializes in telling the stories of small businesses.

EP13 Tim Gokhman
Aug 12, 2019

Creating walkable and vibrant neighborhoods

Tim is Director of New Land Enterprises, which focuses on creating memorable spaces in the built environment at the neighborhood scale.

EP11 JC Buck
Apr 25, 2019

Exploring photography and architecture

JC Buck is a Denver-based architectural photographer. He's most fascinated with photographing public architecture, both historic and cutting edge.

EP12 Vicki Bartling
Apr 24, 2019

Leadership in marketing and brand strategy

Vicki is a Senior Integrated Marketing Manager at JLL focused on marketing innovation in the real estate industry.

EP10 Alex Ryden
Apr 23, 2019

Transforming homes into storefronts

Alex is an Emmy award-winning creative leader with 10+ years of experience working with brands like Lyft, Amazon, Spotify, Facebook, The North Face, and more.

EP9 Antoinette Marie Johnson SEO
Apr 21, 2019

Placemaking through storytelling

Antoinette's superpower is uniting often siloed stakeholders so they can unite in shared goals, helping both cities and companies reach their full potential.

EP8 Jonathan Westeinde SEO
Apr 19, 2019

Alternative financing for sustainable development

Jonathan is the founder and CEO of Windmill Developments, one of Canada’s most well-known green building developers with over $1B in developments since 2003. 

EP7 Jay Wall
Apr 15, 2019

Inspiring change through inclusive design

Jay is an advocate for communications and graphic design that encourage inclusive public participation in transforming our cities.

EP6 Jorgen Jenson
Apr 10, 2019

Exploring well-designed Denver real estate

Jorgen is a partner at Denver-based Slate Urban Advisors, a creative real estate agency that specializes in the marketing and sales of unique well-designed properties.

EP5 Julian Sleath
Apr 5, 2019

The performing arts in public space

Julian brings more than 35 years of leadership and experience in the performing arts to The Bentway, which opened its first full phase to the public by late summer 2018.

EP4 Megan Torza
Apr 1, 2019

Developing nonprofit adaptive reuse projects

Megan's professional development has been influenced by a strong interest in adaptive reuse and the integration of contemporary architecture into historic urban fabric.

EP3 Emily Silverman
Mar 29, 2019

Reimagining Denver as a smart city

Emily received a Master of Urban Planning and Master of Urban Design from CU Boulder. She's now deploying Denver's Smart City Program.

EP2 Anna Mackay
Mar 15, 2019

Rooting real estate in the community

For the last 5 years Anna has filled a number of roles at Guerilla: from spearheading projects, to tackling marketing, to leading crowdfunding efforts.

EP1 Jon Hartman
Mar 1, 2019

How do people interact with public space?

For the last 8 years Jon has been working on public projects that leverage design, graphics, typography, and art placements that influence how people interact with space.

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