Creating a sustainable development model

By Chris Arnold

At the crossroads of three worlds

On this episode I’m speaking with Matt McPheely. Matt is a native of Greenville, SC, and recently moved back home after a decade(+) in San Francisco and Austin, TX. His work over that time has been at the intersection of finance, entrepreneurship, and real estate - an admittedly strange combination, but one that has led to a drive to challenge the status quo of the way real estate development is done.

He’s gone from learning the ropes in fundraising and financial analysis in the private equity world, to partnering with developers around the country to structure, finance, and market real estate projects, to acquiring and developing his own deals.

He’s now taking what he’s learned and going all in creating a sustainable model for real estate development as a force for good in our communities. Most recently this can be found within the Chapel Greenville project.

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