Top real estate industry insights from 2023

By Chris Arnold
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Michael DiMella

“If you make fewer people really-really like it, that's going to lead to a better result.”

Michael DiMella, Managing Parter at CHARLESGATE, spoke to specificity in property branding, voice, and overall marketing approach.

He and his team’s focus on tactical execution through brand, experience, lease-up, and stabilization are still quite uncommon in much of the multifamily world.

Catch the full clip here.

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John Gonzalez

“You can (now) create scenarios for your staff to plan and play to see how they might interact with specific household types or residents.”

John Gonzalez, VP of Marketing + CX at ITEX, dove into the power of AI and ChatGPT tools becoming more readily available.

If you follow John on social media, you know he’s at the forefront of AI tech and where innovation in chat and visualizations is headed. Definitely worth a listen and a follow on LinkedIn to keep up!

See what he has to say below.

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Andrew Katz

“The problem is if there's no interest in forest products, and it's more profitable for the mills to sell their land - that's when we lose the trees permanently.”

Andrew Katz, Founder at Katz Development, discussed the difference between harvesting trees in a capitalistic fashion vs. true permanent clear-cutting.

There are wide-ranging opinions around mass timber development today, much of which stems from miseducation about the milling business. He’s learned a lot ahead of breaking ground on his 12-story mass timber multifamily project in Denver, and he shared much of that with me earlier this year.

Watch his comments about forest products in this clip.

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Anna Mackay

“We can't deny the state of our climate and social unrest, and real estate development is an incredible vertical to revitalize communities.”

Anna Mackay, Founder + Principal at Sister City, shared how real estate investment can bolster growth and redistribute wealth across our most underserved neighborhoods.

Her work at Sister City and Shortstack Housing has come after years of experience working on and leading development projects at Guerrilla Development in Portland. Anna always brings heat and knowledge, so I love chatting with her.

See Anna walk through a few thoughts below.

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Martha Bader

“Life is like a mullet... The first half of your life is figuring out who you are, and the second half is more fun and expansive. You realize you have one shot.”

Martha Bader, Director of Marketing and Programming at Arden 55+ Living, shared her thoughts on the journey that is life. The first half is about business, and the second half is all about "Let's go!"

I enjoyed my conversation with Martha, as she’s one of the nicest and most thoughtful voices in the industry I’ve come across to date! Definitely a can’t-miss listen.

Check out Martha’s explanation in this video.

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Of course, it’s nearly impossible to settle on just five examples. 😅

There are countless moments from conversations on Transforming Cities that have impact and weight, but these are just a few of my favorite takeaways so far this year.

What are your favorites?

What types of conversations do you enjoy most?

I’d love to hear what you think.

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