14 must-read professional development books

By Chris Arnold

“Name one book…”

One of my all-time favorite questions to ask Transforming Cities guests is for a book that comes top of mind that they would recommend to listeners.

Without hesitation, every guest has had at least one title that they’ve suggested with conviction.

This week, I want to highlight what the last 14 guests have suggested this year.

Are they primarily business books?

Science fiction?

Something for everyone?

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the bright minds of multifamily.

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When They Win, You Win

Unveiling practical insights, the book emphasizes achievable strategies for successful management. It explores fostering a victorious team, boosting productivity, and cultivating a positive work environment—a user-friendly guide to excel in the realm of effective leadership.

Michael Dimella, Managing Partner at Charlesgate

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Unreasonable Hospitality

Exploring unparalleled guest experiences, the book delves into innovative strategies for surpassing expectations, leaving enduring impressions, and nurturing unwavering customer loyalty. With captivating insights, it unveils the essentials of hospitality triumph, offering invaluable guidance for businesses and individuals striving to excel in a dynamic and competitive world.

John Gonzalez, VP of Marketing at ITEX

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The New Kings of New York

This title chronicles the rise of modern power players. It delves into their journeys, from obscurity to prominence, revealing strategies that reshaped industries. A captivating narrative of ambition, innovation, and influence, offering readers a glimpse into the dynamics driving contemporary success stories in the city that never sleeps.

Andrew Katz, Founder of Katz Development

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Twelve and a Half

This Gary V text delves into a unique approach to achievement. It uncovers twelve and a half key emotional components essential for thriving in the business world. Through insightful anecdotes and practical guidance, it illuminates the path to prosperity by harnessing the power of emotions in professional endeavors.

Cody Dietrich, Partner of Hayes Dietrich

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Building Small

A fresh perspective on modern architecture. It explores the beauty and functionality of compact spaces, showcasing innovative designs that maximize every square inch. Through captivating visuals and insightful narratives, it celebrates the art of crafting efficient, sustainable, and stylish small-scale structures that inspire a new way of living.

Anna Mackay, Founder of Sister City

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The Light We Give

A book that intricately weaves a tale of interconnected lives. It follows diverse characters through challenges, illuminating the impact of kindness, compassion, and human connections. With poignant storytelling, it showcases how even a small act can radiate profound positivity, ultimately revealing the transformative power of generosity and love.

Martha Bader, Director of Marketing and Programming at Arden 55+

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The Business of Expertise

A read that unveils the art of monetizing knowledge. It guides readers through strategies to package skills into a thriving consultancy or service. With practical insights, it navigates the intricacies of building a successful expertise-based business, emphasizing value delivery, client relationships, and market positioning. A roadmap for professionals seeking entrepreneurial success.

Brandon Reed, Founder of Loft Six Four

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Black Boy Smile

A poignant exploration of resilience and joy. It follows a young protagonist's journey through adversity, highlighting the power of optimism and inner strength. Through vivid storytelling, it captures the beauty of finding moments of happiness in the face of challenges, leaving readers inspired by the human spirit's unwavering ability to shine.

Thibault Manekin, Partner at Seawall

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When Breathe Becomes Air

This memoir delves into life's fragility. It traces a brilliant neurosurgeon's transformation after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Through eloquent prose, it contemplates mortality, purpose, and the pursuit of meaning. A heartrending reflection on the preciousness of existence and the legacy left behind.

Mike Brewer, COO at RADCO

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The Architecture of Happiness

Delving into the design world, the book explores how architecture influences emotions and well-being. It discusses the profound impact of aesthetics on our inner contentment, using vivid examples to illustrate the connection between our surroundings and our sense of joy and comfort.

Thomas Hertzog, Principal at Good Neighbor Homes

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Four Thousand Weeks

Exploring the concept of time and productivity, the book delves into how we allocate and perceive our weekly hours. It encourages readers to maximize their limited time, providing practical insights and thought-provoking reflections. It advocates for a mindful and purpose-driven approach to life, urging alignment between actions and aspirations.

Barbara Savona, CEO of Sprout Marketing

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David and Goliath

Reexamining dynamics of strength, the book explores underdogs' influence and advantages on outcomes. Through captivating stories, it challenges conventions, revealing how adversity fosters resilience and advantages can unveil vulnerabilities. A thought-provoking exploration of the complex interplay between power and adversity.

Charles Thompson, Account Executive, Multifamily at Experian

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Sea of Tranquility

Embarking on an emotional odyssey, the book follows characters through turbulent pasts, forging connections that facilitate healing. With evocative prose, it captures the beauty of redemption, resilience, and the transformative power of human bonds. A mesmerizing journey through pain and healing, revealing the capacity to find solace in unexpected places.

Bobbi Steward, Founder and CEO at Revyse

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Unveiling practical insights, the book explores meaningful interactions and strategic moments that shape relationships and decisions. Through illuminating anecdotes, it offers tools to enhance communication, deepen connections, and navigate pivotal junctures effectively. A valuable guide to mastering the art of impactful engagement in both personal and professional spheres.

Tony Sousa, VP of Operations at RPM Living

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