Using real estate as a vehicle for social impact

By Chris Arnold

Build something bigger than yourself

Transforming Cities welcomes Thibault Manekin, Partner at Seawall.

Growing up in Baltimore City, Thibault wrestled to understand why we, as human beings, seemed so divided. He continued to ask himself what causes the divides that separate races, cultures, and communities and what can be done to bridge them.

Since 2007, Seawall has been an impact-driven company made up of passionate social entrepreneurs who believe in re-imagining the real estate industry, believing that all facets of the built environment should be used to empower communities, unite our cities, and help launch powerful ideas that create important movements.

Thibault is also the author of Larger Than Yourself, released in 2021, and as he would say - most importantly - a passionate husband and father.

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