The Revenue Management Debate

By Chris Arnold

Use cases in multifamily, current legislation, and more

On this live episode of Transforming Cities, I was joined by Dom Beveridge of 20for20 and Michael DiMella of Charlesgate.

Dom is a multifamily industry consultant, writer, and publisher, and has been in the multifamily industry for the last decade. In 2018, he created 20for20 – the multifamily industry’s leading survey of operations and technology.

Mike is a nationally recognized leader in the real estate industry and has been awarded as one of Boston’s Top “40 Under 40” professionals by The Boston Business Journal. He’s Managing Partner at Charlesgate, helping investors develop, go-to-market, and operate multifamily to generate market-beating returns.

During our live event, the duo debated and discussed revenue management as a tool, its use in the multifamily industry, current legislation, and much more.

We also pulled in a handful of live audience questions to add to the conversation.

Hosted By

Chris Arnold


Dom Beveridge
Mike DiMella

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